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Community Urgent Care

At Community Urgent Care we offer our patients integrated solutions for their Urgent Care needs with on-site x-ray & selected labs. Our team of providers has been serving in hospitals and ER facilities across Texas. We provide Urgent Care services with compassion for all those under our care and we work together with local primary care physicians and specialists in the community to further the health of those whom we serve.

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Qualified Staff

Community Urgent Care is staffed by a handpicked group of the city’s finest ER experienced doctors and mid-level-Providers, all board eligible/certified to provide peace of mind. We have built an incredible team with a shared vision and passion for medicine. Patients are treated by licensed medical professionals who are on-site every day. Our aim is to provide the highest quality medical service to you with your convenience in mind.We pride ourselves by providing excellent care for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries right in your backyard.

Urgent Services

Community Urgent Care provides high-quality care right in your neighborhood. We are here for your care 365 days a year; whenever you or your child is sick or hurt. Come right in for non-life or limb- threatening symptoms requiring immediate care. (Sprains, Sore throat, urinary tract infections, mild asthma, rash without fever, broken bones such as hand, ankle or foot that are simple to treat and have no broken skin. Fractures are diagnosed using x-rays. Minor breaks in bones are set for comfort and better healing. Simple cuts and grazes are treated with skin glue, stitches or staples.

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